Raffle Tickets

Make Watlington Sparkle this Christmas!


  The festive decorations, trees & lights are funded each year through the Watlington Christmas Market Raffle, sponsored by the Watlington Business Association (WBA).

See the draw here

Although there won’t be a Christmas Market in 2020, the Raffle returns with more than 30 great prizes from local businesses.

Due to COVID-19, raffle tickets will be sold and distributed online, not at businesses or through the letter box this year. 

Tickets can now be purchased on Friday Dec. 4  -  9:30-11:30am at the Town Hall with delivery by email.

No email adrress? Don't worry, we will take your telephone number & look after your tickets.

Raffle tickets cost £2 each and you can buy as many as you like.

Raffle prizes are listed below.

Tickets must be purchased by December 3 to be eligible for the drawing.

Winners will be announced online in a video at 12noon December 5 which will remain available for viewing on this website.

Please note that you do not need a paypal account to use the payment system below on a computer or tablet.

Once you have pressed the "Buy now" button below, you can select the number of tickets that you require then

press the Paypal Checkout Button. You will then be given the option of paying by Paypal, Debit or Credit Card.

Unfortunately on a phone, the mobile system requires that you join paypal to use a card.

Online ticket sales are now closed

Thank you for your generosity

Raffle Winners

PRIZE                                                             #            Winner
Christmas wreath                                     00355    Linda Nicholson
Beacon Festival weekend tickets for 2     00224    Katie Brock
Pom pom snowflake light                        01340    David Marcou
£100 voucher for service                          00972    Mark Measor 
Reflexology 45 min voucher                     00526    Sara Sheppard 
Indian head massage 30 min voucher      00133    Susan Fotherby
£50 voucher,sharpening,sculpture           00002    William Buck
Christmas hamper voucher for £60           00603    Andrea Brewer
Voucher for a dog training session         01458    Berly Brown
One health check and vaccination           01471    Michelle Godfrey
Luxury panettone                                     00230    Rebecca Helen Gordon-Colebrooke
2 designer cushions                                 00531    Toby Todd
Sunday lunch for 2                                  00541    Lorraine Hancock
Voucher for £20                                        00857    Jaine McCormack
Voucher for £50                                        00474    Lucy Papworth
Voucher for £40                                        00609    Andrea Brewer
Box of holiday spirits                                01453    Jean Orpwood
Private healing session                            01082    Ian Hill
Voucher for £100                                      01540    Phil Crockett
Voucher for £50                                       00308    Caroline Roddis
Hamper of festive kitchenware                 00893    Sarah Webb
Chocolate hamper                                    00830    Sue Castleman
Holiday hamper                                        00171    Elizabeth Hilton
2 matching cushions,draft excluders       01133    Maggie Dawson
Breads and pastries £15 voucher               01517    Helen Wiedemann
Spa services voucher for £20                    00597    Allie Swain
Sewing services voucher for £35             01428    Matthew Chesterman
Handbag                                                   00281    Tony Willis
3 months of classes (£100 value)            00458    William Plaistowe
Voucher for £40                                       00026    Nicola Nicol
Pizza and ice cream for two                     01103    Emily Kingan
Bicycle maintenance kit                         00939    Carolyn Cooke-Sanderson
Voucher for £40                                       00844    Rosalind  Walmsley 
Voucher for £40                                       00504    Sara Mackmin
Chocolate voucher for £30                       00833    Charlotte Moss
Voucher for £40                                        00648    Sarah Fountain
Wine gift box                                            00420    Claire Hodges
Gift hamper                                               00477    Lucy Papworth
Dog groom voucher                                  00676    Robert Head

Raffle Prizes



Christmas wreath

Beacon Festival weekend tickets for 2

Pom pom snowflake light

£100 voucher for service

Reflexology 45 min voucher

Indian head massage 30 min voucher

£50 voucher for sharpening or towards a sculpture

Christmas hamper voucher for £60

Voucher for a dog training session

One health check and vaccination for a dog, cat or rabbit

Luxury panettone

2 designer cushions

Sunday lunch for 2

Voucher for £20

Voucher for £50

Voucher for £40

Box of holiday spirits

Private healing session of your choice

Gift box of products valued at £100

Voucher for £50

Hamper of festive kitchenware

Chocolate hamper

Holiday hamper

Two matching cushions, 2 draft excluders

Breads and pastries £15 voucher

Spa services voucher for £20

Sewing services voucher for £35


3 months of unlimited classes (£100 value)

Voucher for £40

Pizza and ice cream for two

Bicycle maintenance kit

Voucher for £40

Voucher for £40

Chocolate voucher for £30

Voucher for £40

Wine gift box

Gift hamper

dog groom voucher